Andre Roberson has to be a threat for OKC to win


The Golden State Warriors are giving Andre Roberson the Tony Allen treatment, not guarding him and forcing him to make a play. He’s so open that he’s passing up shots and opportunities to make a play at the basket which is playing right into the Warriors hands.

Roberson’s passiveness is giving Draymond Green and others the opportunity to roam around on defense and act as an extra defender for anyone making the play at the rim. As long as Roberson is not being aggressive, he’s giving his team the worst shot of winning the game. The Thunder need Roberson to be confident in his shot and his ability on offense to make the right play when he touches the ball. His demeanor on the court is very transparent and the Warriors sense that out on the court. Basketball players are taught at a very young age to always be a threat out on the basketball court, because when your are not, you make it easier on the defense.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are essentially playing 4-on-5 offensively, and that’s not going to win them 3 more games against this dominant Golden State team. Their best bet is to either build some confidence in Andre Roberson or consider starting Dion Waiters or Anthony Morrow to step in there and knock down shots.


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