Amir Coffey Scouting Report

Amir Coffey

School: Minnesota

Year: Junior

Height/Weight: 6’8, 210 lbs



Even at 6’8, Coffey’s is the one to run the Minnesota offense and has the ball in his hands nearly every offensive possession. The only time Coffey does not bring up the ball is when freshman guard Isaiah Washington is in the game. One of Coffey’s biggest strengths is his size. As a 6’8 point guard he gives Minnesota a lot of versatility on both ends of the floor. As the primary ball-handler, Coffey loves to play in transition, which is good because it is also one of his strengths. Coffey usually makes good decisions in transition which allows his teammates that run the floor to get an open look at the basket.

Coffey is an excellent ball-handler as he uses his long frame to guard the ball from defenders while bringing it up the court. On the defensive side of the floor Coffey is not as quick or physical as other guards, however he uses his long arms well to play the passing lanes well and contest perimeter jump shots.



The biggest weakness of Coffey’s offensive game is that he is not a great finisher at the rim. As a 6’8 point guard he has the ability and athleticism to try shooting over smaller players, however he does not convert much when contested close to the hoop.

He also is at best a sub-par three point shooter. Maybe he can become serviceable, but it’s hard to see him ever becoming a consistent threat from deep. It’ll definitely take some time for him.

Coffey does an excellent job running the Minnesota offense, however, there are times where he makes bad decisions which lead to turnovers. He’s shown this very often in the past so far and this season particularly. Another weakness in Coffey’s game is his aggressiveness on offense. Even though the ball is in Coffey’s hands a lot he is always looking to pass the ball instead of looking to create his own shot. Coffey is a streaky shooter from beyond the arc, however, Minnesota seems to struggle scoring the ball when Jordan Murphy is out of the game. When this happens, Coffey needs to look for other ways to find points to save the stalling offense.


Future Outlook:

Overall, Coffey shows a lot of craftiness and flashes of his athleticism in his offensive game, however in order for him to be the full weapon that he could be he needs to work on finishing at the rim. Coffey also needs to have a more aggressive approach to his offensive game. Instead of being the motor for this Minnesota team he is more like a game manager. Coffey needs to start taking more initiative on offense and trying to find ways to score for himself instead of looking to pass the ball. On the defensive side of the ball Coffey needs to communicate better and needs to work on his quickness if he is going to match-up with guards at the next level. If Coffey is able to tweak his game in the few areas that are mentioned in this article he could be a very interesting draft prospect. However, he has some work to do.


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