VIDEO: Kobe Bryant is featured in a new Apple TV commercial


Apple has released a new commercial that features Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan. It’s a television ad for Apple’s fourth generation of the Apple TV. The commercial is based upon Michael B. Jordan playing Kobe in an upcoming movie. As Bryant thinks the movie is covering the high-flying, young version of himself, he’s quickly brought to reality as Jordan tells him it’s based off his entire career which features the ‘Old’ Kobe as well. The title “Father Time” makes fun of Bryant’s long tenure in the NBA as his 20 season career is quickly coming to an end. Even though this is just a commercial, I would love to see a movie put together on the life of Kobe Bryant. He has a great story, growing up in Italy with a dad playing professionally overseas as well as in the NBA. Then coming back to America, making a name for himself in Philadelphia and then going straight to the NBA out of high school, ultimately becoming one of the greatest players to ever play the game. It makes for an amazing story and I’m sure many, including myself would enjoy it.


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