2019 NBA Mock Draft Version 1.0

NBA Mock Draft

Basketball Society’s NBA Draft writers hopped on a call and put together their mock draft for the 2019 NBA Draft. This is our first installment for the year, but won’t be our last, we can promise you that.

It’s an interesting year for teams as there is just a huge logjam of talent after the top 5 that could see us having players past 20 on their big boards being picked as early as the top 10. It’s an unpredictable year, which means it’s tough to come up with an accurate NBA Mock Draft. We tried our best though.

Here it is:


[This draft order is based off of the rankings prior to the games on Friday, March 29th]

Most of the players’ names are linked to their scouting report page so be sure to click on their name to read more about their game.


1. New York Knicks – Zion Williamson

Not much has to be said here. He’s the best player in this draft by far. Treat him well New York.

2. Phoenix Suns – Ja Morant

While we are unsure if the backcourt of Devin Booker and Ja Morant can work defensively, we are confident the Suns need a playmaker. And more importantly not another 6’7/6’8 forward.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers – RJ Barrett

They just lost LeBron to LA last year and are still looking for their star. While RJ Barrett definitely has his deficiencies (HELLO TUNNEL VISION), he’s a dominant scorer and has the chance to be a superstar.

4. Chicago Bulls – DeAndre Hunter

Chicago’s got their front-court of the future in Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr. Zach LaVine has been an awesome scorer this year and they need some wing depth that can provide some defensive assistance. That’s what DeAndre Hunter can do. Ja Morant would’ve been the pick here to fill a desperate need for a playmaker, but if he’s gone, Hunter makes sense.

5. Atlanta Hawks – Jarrett Culver

The Hawks will be lucky if Jarrett Culver falls this far, but if he does, they aren’t letting him pass. Two-way stud who just continues to increase his bag every time he steps on the court.

6. Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas) – Jaxson Hayes

Here we have the Hawks again and they’re going to need a big. John Collins and Jaxson Hayes would be an awesome front-court for the future. Trae Young/Kevin Huerter/Jarrett Culver/John Collins/Jaxson Hayes???….SHEESH

7. Memphis Grizzlies – Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish hasn’t progressed this year as we’d hoped and that’s why we see him falling in the draft. We have to make sure he doesn’t fall too far though as he still has so much potential. The Grizzlies could mold Cam into quite the scorer and defender.

8. New Orleans Pelicans – Bol Bol

The Pelicans are going to lose Anthony Davis this summer, that much is clear right now. Julius Randle has been awesome and pairing him with one of the best shooting bigs we’ve ever seen come out of college ball would make the loss of AD hurt a little less.

9. Washington Wizards – Darius Garland

The Wizards are in a tight spot. They have John Wall leading the charge for the next few years with that extension, but he most likely won’t play next year because of a torn achilles. Darius Garland can fill in, learn from Wall, and be the shooter that Wall never turned out to be.

10. Los Angeles Lakers – Coby White

The Lakers didn’t give D’Lo and Lonzo a chance. Lonzo has proved that he’s an excellent defender and playmaker. What the Lakers need is scoring and a Coby White/Lonzo Ball backcourt should be able to work.

11. Minnesota Timberwolves – Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson is one of the most NBA ready wings. He can score, create his own shot, and should help Minnesota set their sites on a brighter future. Derrick Rose will most likely be given a bigger contract elsewhere and Keldon can fill that scoring void Rose will be leaving behind.

12. Charlotte Hornets – Romeo Langford

The Charlotte Hornets are certainly in a precarious situation. Kemba and Jeremy Lamb are in contract years and it’s hard to say where either of them will end up. This seams like a best available pick and at this point, the best available would be Romeo Langford.

13. Miami Heat – Nickeil Alexander-Walker

The Miami Heat have promising young talent. Justise Winslow has been a stud running the point, Bam has been great in the middle, and Josh Richardson has taken another step forward this year. Throw in NAW as a 2 who can shoot off some off-ball action and this team will continue to have a bright future.

14. Boston Celtics (via Sacramento Kings) – Nassir Little

The Boston Celtics have a ton of talent and have 3 first round picks this year. You’d think that they wouldn’t need much help in terms of talent, but they are potentially losing a lot of their depth this summer. Nassir Little will need some time to put it all together, but he can provide some help on defense immediately and can one day turn into quite the player.

15. Orlando Magic – Luguentz Dort

Luguentz Dort is strong, quick, and one of the toughest players in this draft. The Orlando Magic seem to have their front-court of the future and need some backcourt depth. We’ll see what Markelle Fultz becomes, but if he can become the scorer we believe he can, Dort and Fultz would be a very promising backcourt for the future.

16. Detroit Pistons – Kevin Porter Jr.

Kevin Porter Jr. has jumped around on our draft board for quite some time. His year with USC was wild, that’s the best way we can put it. He’s still got a ton of potential and has one of the best crossovers we’ve ever seen. Detroit has Blake, Drummond, and some promising young talent. KPJ will add to that.

17. Brooklyn Nets – Mfiondu Kabengele

He’s been flying up our board because of his continued improvements for Florida State this year. The Nets have the perimeter play, but can now use some more paint presence. Enter Kabengele.

18. San Antonio Spurs – Bruno Fernando

Bruno Fernando has proved his worth at Maryland and will only get better. Coach Pop would love to coach Bruno who could fit well at that 5 spot.

19. Oklahoma City Thunder – Cam Johnson

Arguably the best shooter in the draft, Cam Johnson can make an immediate impact at the next level. The Thunder have been searching for some good shooters to pair around Russ and Cam can be a great addition to that list.

20. Boston Celtics – Tre Jones

We mentioned earlier that the Celtics will be losing a good chunk of players to free agency and two of those could very well be Kyrie and Terry. If they are both gone, they’ll need a point guard and while free agency might be their preferred destination to search, Tre Jones could be a safe and turnover free guard they can have running point for their star scorers.

21. Indiana Pacers – Tyler Herro

Just like Cam, Tyler Herro is also in that discussion for the best shooter in the draft. He’s clutch and has proven that over and over again. The Pacers could use some of that if they lose Bogdanovic in free agency. And even if they don’t lose him, Herro would still be a promising young add to the core of that team.

22. Utah Jazz – Brandon Clarke

Man, if Brandon Clarke does fall this far, the Utah Jazz would certainly call themselves lucky. He’s one of the smartest and best defensive players in this Draft. Some of these upperclassmen who haven’t shown the ability to shoot or create for themselves offensively find themselves dropping on Draft night. We expect him to get drafted a little higher once the times come, but if the Jazz do happen to land him, a frontcourt of Clarke and Gobert would be oh so nasty on D.

23. Boston Celtics (via Los Angeles Clippers) – Iggy Brazdeikis

Already a 3rd 1st round pick for the Celtics? Well, if they go with a defensive wing, and then a point, maybe a shooting wing makes sense. Iggy has shown that ability and is only getting started. Could find a place in Boston.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Houston Rockets) – Sekou Doumbouya

Just like Brandon Clarke, we think Doumbouya will climb up this board as we approach draft night. As more teams get their hands on tape of him, the higher he’ll climb. There is no denying that this is a weak draft for international prospects, but Doumbouya does provide a lot of promise with his long frame and defensive upside. For now, we have him going 24th to Cleveland. Sekou and RJ would be a nice tandem.

25. Philadelphia 76ers – PJ Washington

PJ Washington has certainly proved himself after a subpar freshman season. He’s a load in the paint and has continued to show an improved all around game. If the 76ers get their hands on him? The East will be in trouble.

26. Portland Trail Blazers – Rui Hachimura

We were very high on Rui to start the year. But, as we continued to watch him, there started to be more holes that we noticed. Still, he’s proven to put up 18 and 10 with ease at the college level and can provide a solid offensive impact for a team in the Trail Blazers that have been bereft of one for some time at that 4 spot.

27. Brooklyn Nets (via Denver Nuggets) – Matisse Thybulle

Thybulle was an unbelievably active defender in college. Who averages over 3.5 steals and 2 blocks PER GAME in a season??? That’s just wild! The Nets have the scoring, but could use a defensive ace. Matisse Thybulle is their guy.

28. Golden State Warriors – Louis King

Louis King had such an up and down freshman season for Oregon. Following the Pac 12 championship we were raving about him and considered him top 20 worthy, but then he had glimpses against Virginia in the Tournament where we weren’t even sure he was a future NBA role player. He can become something special, but he needs the right leaders and right organization. The Warriors can be that team for him.

29. San Antonio Spurs (via Toronto Raptors) – Admiral Schofield

Admiral really is the whole package. He had an amazing career at Tennessee and now a team, like the Spurs, will be able to benefit from his two-way prowess. Coming out with Bruno and Schofield would be one heck of a first round for the Spurs.

30. Milwaukee Bucks – Daniel Gafford

Not sure if Gafford will fall this far, but he’d be just the perfect player for the Bucks. He’s a good rim protector, smart, and just stays in his role. Would let guys like Middleton and Giannis do their thing. Think Gafford could one day become what the Bucks were hoping John Henson would be.

31. Brooklyn Nets (via New York Knicks) – Jordan Poole

Great shooter with a bag on him like no other. More talent for the Nets!!

32. Phoenix Suns – Jalen Smith

Came onto the scene in a big way in the NCAA Tournament for Maryland. Coming out with Morant and Jalen in this draft would be an absolute steal for Phoenix.

33. Philadelphia 76ers (via Cleveland Cavaliers) – Jalen McDaniels

An exciting prospect that oozes potential with a combination of size and handles. Another skilled position-less player for the 76ers.

34. Philadelphia 76ers (via Chicago Bulls) – Ashton Hagans

Not sure if Hagans will declare, but if he does, he could be a great future defensive point to help lead that 76ers bench.

35. Atlanta Hawks – KZ Okpala

KZ made a huge jump in his sophomore year and is NBA ready. Would add some some depth to the Hawks bench as a versatile forward.

36. Dallas Mavericks – Naz Reid

Pretty far fall for someone as skilled as Naz Reid, but it’s tough to see how he translates. Still a big force in the paint who could turn into a mini Boogie.

37. Chicago Bulls (via Memphis Grizzlies) – Carsen Edwards

With his unbelievable NCAA Tournament play, Carsen might not even fall this far. But if he does, you better bet Chicago snags him here and would be the offensive weapon that Kris Dunn hasn’t been.

38. Charlotte Hornets (via Washington Wizards) – Ty Jerome

Ty is such a smart playmaker and someone that the Hornets could really use. Kemba may not be there next year and if Tony Parker is, he could help groom Jerome to be the next point guard in Charlotte.

39. New Orleans Pelicans – Deividas Sirvydis

While he lacks the athleticism, Sirvydis has good size, is a knockdown shooter, and a high IQ player. Should help fill the three point shooting void left by Mirotic.

40. Sacramento Kings (via Los Angeles Lakers) – Grant Williams

This does seem a little far in the draft for Grant Williams to go, but many on our staff just don’t see how he translates. With that being said, he’s a very high IQ player and could help that young Kings team to continue to blossom.

41. Atlanta Hawks (via Minnesota Timberwolves) – Goga Bitadze

More picks for the Hawks and here they have a draft and stash candidate. Many think Bitadze is ready, but he still will need time to adjust to the game. He’s got great size and a nice touch, but, again, just needs some time.

42. Atlanta Hawks (via Charlotte Hornets) – Dylan Windler

Dylan Windler’s been a great player at Belmont for a while now, but received more notice this year particularly following his impressive play in the Ohio Valley tournament. The Hawks could use some pure shooting and that’s what Windler will provide.

43. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Miami Heat) – Ayo Dosunmu

Ayo is another one of those players who may or may not declare. He’s one of the fastest players in the draft and could help many teams, including Minnesota in this case, with speeding up their offense.

44. Sacramento Kings (via Orlando Magic) – Chuma Okeke

A torn ACL in the Tournament has us dropping Okeke further than we wanted to. Unfortunately, the team who is drafting him will most likely not have him for much of next year. If Okeke can return to his form prior to the horrible injury, 44 is a steal for a player who could have as much value as someone like DeAndre Hunter.

45. Detroit Pistons – Jarron Cumberland

If you saw Jarron Cumberland’s AAC championship game performance and that alone, you would think he was a top player in this draft. He can fill it up with the best of them and would add an offensive punch off the bench for Detroit.

46. Philadelphia 76ers (via Sacramento Kings) – Fletcher Magee

Given his final game in college, many might think it’s bold to say that Fletcher would be drafted. We have to look at the bigger picture though and see him for who he is, a dynamite three point shooter and one of the best we’ve ever seen. Philly would be lucky to grab him this late.

47. Orlando Magic (via Brooklyn Nets) – Brian Bowen II

An after thought in this draft who should be getting more publicity as he is such a great shooter and crashes the boards better than most wings. While we don’t have much tape of him this past year since he is overseas, what we have seen from Brian Bowen has been very promising.

48. San Antonio Spurs – Luke Samanic

Great size and an obscenely quick first step given that fact. Not sure if Samanic will fall this far, but the Spurs are always one of those teams to sniff out these underrated international stars.

49. Boston Celtics – Jontay Porter

Another ACL tear has us dropping Jontay even further unfortunately. Very smart player who is an excellent passer, but we were already worried about his movement before and this injury certainly won’t help. The Celtics can afford to wait a couple years before bringing him into the fold.

50. Charlotte Hornets (via Oklahoma City Thunder) – Nicolas Claxton

Claxton is another guy we expect to see in Athens again next year where he can really show his skillset off with a much better class of freshman coming in. He does a lot of things well and has the potential to put it all together soon. If he declares, the Hornets would be lucky to have him fall this far.

51. Los Angeles Clippers – Charles Matthews

Some games you’ll be so impressed with Matthews offensively while in others you barely remember him touching the ball. He always shows up on defense though and that’s what the Clippers would love.

52. Utah JazzTalen Horton-Tucker

Talen has soooooo much potential and can score at will at the college level. We seriously hope he elects to stay another year because it’s going to be hard for a team to take a chance on a player with 40/30/63 shooting splits. But, the Jazz might be one of those teams that have seen enough good from THT to take a chance on him. We think in a couple years, that chance could really pay off.

53. Indiana Pacers – Jaylen Hoard

Here’s another player that could benefit from staying another year at Wake Forest. He’s shown some serious skill in the post and some athleticism to boot. If the Pacers go for the scorer in Herro first, an athletic player with solid defensive upside in Hoard could round out a nice draft.

54. New York Knicks (via Houston Rockets) – Darius Bazley

Probably the most intriguing player in this draft. Bazley was a McDonald’s All-American last year but is now an intern at New Balance. We don’t know how much work he’s put in, but we remember the potential and we bet that the Knicks do too.

55. Los Angeles Clippers (via Portland Trail Blazers) – Neemias Queta

A name that some of you may not have heard of. Queta is a 6’11 big at Utah State who we strongly believe can make the NBA one day. We’d hope he stays another year, but could see him impressing a team like the Clippers significantly in private workouts.

56. Philadelphia 76ers – Adam Mokaka

Mokaka is a true defensive menace that just hasn’t shown a complete offensive game yet. The 76ers will love his potential though and will be more than willing to stash him. Do expect Mokaka to enter the NBA at some point.

57. New Orleans Pelicans (via Denver Nuggets) – Zach Norvell Jr.

Zach Norvell Jr. can create his own shot, facilitate, and guard the opponent’s best wing player. He shouldn’t fall this far, but his lack of size will sway some teams. The Pelicans should take a chance on Zach as he could be a great 6th man for years to come.

58. Golden State Warriors – Eric Paschall

Four years at Villanova and now Eric Paschall will be moving onto the NBA. He’s got championship experience, a good shot, and is springy for his size. Would be fun to watch Eric Paschall and Draymond Green go at it in practices.

59. Toronto Raptors – Miye Oni

Miye Oni didn’t have the final game this year he would’ve liked at Yale, but, just like Fletcher, his whole body of work is more important. The Raptors seem to always get the best out of players regardless if they are great shooters or not (which Oni isn’t right now) and would love a player like Oni off the bench.

60. Sacramento Kings (via Milwaukee Bucks) – Markus Howard

Markus Howard gets hot like no one else in college ball. Well…maybe except for Carsen Edwards. Anyone else ready for an undersized guard to get picked last in the NBA and play with a fire lit underneath him for the rest of his career? We are!


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