Fisch’s Friday Rant: 2017 All-NBA Teams

2017 All-NBA, Russell Westbrook, James Harden

The 2017 All-NBA teams have finally been announced! Everyone has been waiting to be a critic, and now we can all rejoice on the day we finally get to do so. However, the first team seems to be the one that a lot of people predicted. So, I guess the debates are going to have to be about the second and third teams.

On the other hand, you have players like Kevin Durant who believe that they should be on the first team. Then, you have players vouching for teammates that didn’t even make any of the teams. There will always be these cases. However, a lot of the time, they are wrong. Yes, I said it, wrong.

Remember when all of those people said the Boston Celtics had a serious chance at knocking off the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs? I sure was not one of them, but there are people who think that. We even gave the Celtics a guide on how they could win, and it’s already looking quite grim for the guys in green.

Finally, if you haven’t heard, the draft lottery took place. I’m sure you’ve seen all the hot takes about the Boston Celtics and the first pick, but it’s really not that complicated. There’s only one way they can mess up this first pick, and that would be taking the Anthony Bennett equivalent. Sorry, Anthony.


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