Samaki Walker

Scoop B: Retracing how Samaki Walker’s 2002 Western Conference Finals 3-pointer vs. Sacramento Kings introduced referees to in-game video replay

Samaki Walker chats with Scoop B Radio’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson about his epic 3-pointer against the Sacramento Kings in the 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals. Press Play Below To Listen! The 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings is widely regarded as one of the best

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Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry

Robert Horry says Stephen Curry is more dangerous than Kobe Bryant in his prime

With the volcanic eruption of Stephen Curry since winning a championship and an MVP last season has come the popular debates and discussions about how he stacks up all time in certain areas. Robert Horry, a Lakers TV analyst and former teammate of Kobe Bryant, said to Justin Termine on Sirius XM Radio that Curry

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Legacy Left Behind: Robert Horry

Robert Horry receiving the nickname “Big Shot Rob” was far from a coincidence. Widely considered one of the clutchest performers in NBA history, Robert Horry was a deadly three-point shooting power forward that many floor stretching big men model their game after. Clutch Performances: In Game 5 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals, the Lakers

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DJ’s Three Point Take: The Art of Shooting

When introduced to the game of basketball, one of the first things that are taught is how to shoot a basketball.  As a kid, not much thought is put into it; you just grab the ball and chuck away but as you get older you start to learn all the little details that become so important.

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