NBA Playoffs

Not everything in these NBA Playoffs has been about youth

Had I to chose the most talked-about topic of the postseason, I think I’d go with something relating to the young’uns mining the League during these playoffs. It’s been beaten to death during the past few weeks. We have had discussions about Donovan Mitchell leading a Jazz team that was depleted of assets and riddled

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Donovan Mitchell

Terry Rozier, Donovan Mitchell impacting NBA Playoffs in NCAA Tournament fashion

In basketball, we have a special place reserved in our hearts for the unsung heroes and unlikely stars. We cling to and show consistent praise for the heralded superstars but during the NCAA Tournament and NBA Playoffs there usually emerges players who turn in star performances and earn their recognition from that point forward. Terry

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Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 11 – NBA Playoff Surprises

Your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen are FIRED UP on this episode of Pump Fake to the Altar. They discuss the lengthy Celtics-Bucks series as well as the Pelicans sweep of the Trail Blazers. At a quick glance, this was one of the most entertaining first rounds of NBA playoff action to their memories.

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Al Horford

Al Horford is the Star No One Is Talking About

Because his game does not pop off of the screen, Al Horford has been underrated for the majority of his career. Some Boston fans were upset when Danny Ainge inked the five-time All-Star to a massive four-year $113 million deal to anchor the post position in the Garden. For anyone who needed validation of his talents

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An inside look at the proposed 1-16 playoff seeding for the 2018 NBA Playoffs

Throughout the years of the NBA Playoffs, we’ve grown accustomed to the 1 through 8 seeding in each conference. However, with the recent balance of power shifting West, individuals have grown weary of the current format. Instead, they’d like to see the “best” two teams meet in The Finals as opposed to earlier in the

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Sixers Used Discussions of Religion and Politics to Build Team Chemistry

Losing in any sport is tough. As a young player in the NBA, the only thing you know is winning. You most likely won in AAU ball, won District and State Championships in high school, and likely went to a high-profile NCAA program. Being a young player on the Sixers roster between 2013 and 2016,

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After First Loss in Weeks, How Will The Sixers Respond?

Game 2 of the first round matchup between the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers caught many by surprise. The Heat imploded in the second half of Game 1 due to the Sixers locking up on the defensive end while also getting some of the most efficient shooting they’ve seen all season from the likes of

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Blazers Pelicans

Game Notes: Two Things to Watch for in Blazers/Pelicans Game 2

Often seen as an afterthought in the Western Conference, the New Orleans Pelicans came out in game one of their series against the Portland Trail Blazers and showed that they will be a tough out over the next week and a half. Despite a bad shooting night and falling down by 19, the Blazers managed

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Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 10 – NBA Playoff Palooza

Welcome to a special edition of the Pump Fake to the Altar podcast! Your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen discuss each opening round match-up of the 2018 NBA playoffs. They give us insight on their predictions and choose x-factors of each series. Who’s going to win it all? By looking back on the season,

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Adam Silver “intrigued” at thought of 1-16 NBA Playoff format

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver checked in with Scoop B Radio’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Press Play Below To Listen!  Many like to whine about how the NBA’s Western Conference is superior to the Eastern Conference. Furthermore, some have presented the argument that some Western conference teams finished the season with good records at the end

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