NBA 2K League Contributor Jeff Eisenband Talks The Rise of E-Sports and the 2K League

Yesterday Knicks Gaming won the inaugural 2K League Championship. The rise of e-sports, as well as the video game market as a whole, has taken a big leap as of late. Fortnite a game that just released last fall has already generated over $1 Billion in revenue. After a somewhat slow start in viewership on

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76ers Gaming Club

76ers Gaming Club wins opening tournament of the inaugural NBA 2k League season

Adam Silver and the NBA announced that they were adding their own Esports league where gamers would get paid to compete in NBA 2k. The very first draft was held on April 4, where our own Scoop B interviewed the number one overall pick, Dimez. This past week, “The Tipoff” tournament, with a $100k prize pool,

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NBA 2K League, Dallas Mavs 1st pick Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd says he’s a fan of Dirk Nowitzki’s post-fadeaway

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson catches up with Cleveland, OH native, Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd, Dallas Mavericks’ first pick in the 2018 NBA 2K League Draft. Press Play Below To Listen! Yesterday, Mavericks Gaming, the NBA 2K League team of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks selected Artreyo Boyd with the first pick in the 2018 NBA 2K League

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says that he played Pong & Asteroids in college

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver played Pong & Asteroids in college Today marks the 25th anniversary of hit video game NBA Jam being released. “He’s on Fire,” “Heating Up” and infamous codes for unlocked players like Air Dog, NBA Jam producer Mark Turmell and even former U.S. President Bill Clinton was A THING. Ironically, on the

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