Wesley Matthews’ summer Pilates routine, a major key to hot start with Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks guard, Wesley Matthews has come out swinging in the NBA regular season. Through five games, Mathews is averaging 19.6 points and is averaging 33 minutes per game. If you’re tardy to the party, pilates are core workouts that are used to strengthen your arms and legs. After a season ending stress fracture in

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Paul Allen

Portland Trail Blazers late owner, Paul Allen schooled Mark Cuban on what to expect from David Stern

Last week, the NBA community mourned the loss of longtime Portland Trail Blazers owner, Paul Allen. Allen had a standing bout with cancer and died at the age of 65. A co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, Allen was also an owner of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks for more than 20 years. An

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Dallas Mavericks news: G-League alternative is “fantastic” says former Mavs, Knicks legend Rolando Blackman

Last week, the NBA’s G-League announced that  they will implement an alternative to the NCAA’s one and done role. The G-League will offer “Select Contracts” worth $125,000 to the top high school prospects that choose to not attend college. The G-League’s new option will go into effect next summer. More specifically, this new ruling will

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Warriors’ Steph Curry or Steve Nash today? “I would go with Steph,” says former teammate

NBA Hall of Famer, Steve Nash and Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry are both amazing talents on the basketball court at the point guard position. A five-time NBA All Star, Curry is a three-time NBA Champion and has the chance to get his fourth ring with the addition of DeMarcus Cousins to the

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The Atlantic Files

The Atlantic Files Episode 99: Southwest Division Predictions

Looking Around the League Series Episodes: Central | Southeast Subscribe to The Atlantic Files on Apple Podcasts | Subscribe to Basketball Society Mike Bash and Alex Fischbein are joined, this week, by Wahaj Mallick of the Back to the Basket Podcast. Not only do the guys take a look around the Southwest Division and make

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Mark Cuban: “Trading for Jason Kidd was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Mark Cuban loves everything about business. Recently, the Dallas Mavericks owner admitted that one of the best decisions he ever made was brining Jason Kidd back to Dallas. “Kidd made us a better team by being able to include everyone,” Mark Cuban told Landon Buford. Kidd was at the helm at the point guard position

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Rookie, NBA Draft

Which 2018 NBA second-round draft picks will deliver in rookie season?

First round picks are nice, but let us not forget how important picks 31-60 can be. There has been an assemblage of second-round picks in past seasons who have managed to carve their way onto an NBA roster and find ways to contribute. The 2018 NBA Draft class was deep and saturated with talent. After

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Jerry Stackhouse credits Dean Smith, Gregg Popovich, Avery Johnson, Don Nelson, Rick Carlisle as coaching influences

Raptors 905 head coach & NBA legend, Jerry Stackhouse checked in with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson and the Scoop B Radio Podcast. Press Play Below To Listen! Taking a cursory look around the NBA, the Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors are still in the hunt for a new head coach. Names like San

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Mark Cuban says Clintons were smart to get paid from giving speeches, unlike Trump because ‘we don’t see his taxes’

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban checks in with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson and Scoop B Radio. Press Play Below To Listen! The intersection of race and sports has been a cyclical theme, ala Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling, NBA athletes like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick being vocal about racism in society and U.S. President Donald Trump’s

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Why Tanking Does Not Work

This is the time of the year when “tanking” becomes part of the NBA conversation. As the playoffs draw near it is championship season for the league’s elite and a different vibe for the bottom feeders. As a franchise in a down year, the talk is about what can be fixed. Do we have the

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