Dwayne Johnson is WWE’s LeBron, MJ & Dr. J says Mark Henry

Julius “Dr. J’ Erving was a pioneer in the NBA. The NBA Hall of Famer and NBA champion mixed both style and substance to game of basketball. The former slam dunk champion also introduced many to the “slam dunk.”  Comparatively in wrestling, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Dusty Rhodes

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Warriors’ Steph Curry or Steve Nash today? “I would go with Steph,” says former teammate

NBA Hall of Famer, Steve Nash and Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry are both amazing talents on the basketball court at the point guard position. A five-time NBA All Star, Curry is a three-time NBA Champion and has the chance to get his fourth ring with the addition of DeMarcus Cousins to the

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Thanks to Tim Donaghy, LeBron’s Cavs & Steve Nash’s Suns never met in ’07 Finals, says Amare Stoudemire

Last weekend, Steve Nash was enshrined into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. An eight-time NBA All-Star, the decorated Canadian basketball player was a seven-time All-NBA selection and was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player while playing for the Phoenix Suns. One of Nash’s best assets? Amare Stoudemire. Nash and Stoudemire were teammates in Phoenix

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LeBron James

Report: LeBron James to receive Fashion Icon Award Tuesday in NYC

As reported via ScoopB.com, Los Angeles Lakers forward, LeBron James will receive a Fashion Icon Award during a private pre-New York Fashion Week event, Tuesday in Manhattan. LeBron James, will receive a Fashion Icon Award tomorrow in Manhattan to kick off New York Fashion Week. #NYFW Heck of a summer for the game’s best player.

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Jamal Crawford

Post Kobe Bryant: NBA free agent, Jamal Crawford is “a fan” of Ice Cube’s Big 3

Kobe Bryant playing in Ice Cube’s Big 3 basketball was the talk of the basketball world last week. On the league’s conference call last week, Big 3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz said that “a good source” told him the former Laker was “gonna play” next season. Kobe Bryant will play in @thebig3 next season according to

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Michael Jordan’s Bulls teammate, Horace Grant wore goggles because he was legally blind

Horace Grant and his goggles are forever tied to 90s NBA. Perhaps they were a good luck charm. He won three NBA championships with the Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen-led Chicago Bulls while wearing them. The ‘94 NBA All Star also won a championship with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal while rocking his Rec Specs. After

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan & LeBron James GOAT debates are nothing new says Dr. J, Julius Erving

Over the last few years, the Michael Jordan and LeBron James comparisons have been ‘a thing and Jordan winning six championships have become the measuring stick for James’ greatness in today’s NBA game. “I think it has always happened,” NBA Hall of Famer, Julius Erving told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. “I think

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Tim Duncan is a top ten NBA player says Dr. J

Michael Jordan was the NBA’s ambassador after Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Who was MJ’s heir apparent? Some say Kobe Bryant and others say Shaquille O’Neal. But what about Tim Duncan?  A 15-time NBA All Star, Duncan stuck with one team and had one head coach during his time in the league. Tim Duncan gripped the

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Ice Cube

BIG3’s Ice Cube says Ezal didn’t get Craig fired on his day off in “Friday” film

How did Craig get fired on his day off in the 90s film, “Friday?” Years later we still don’t know…. Until now, kinda!  If you’re tardy to the party, the 1995 F. Gary Gray film stars Big 3 co-founder, Ice Cube, comedian, Chris Tucker and actress Nia Long. Trailer here: In the film, Ice Cube’s

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NCAA’s new ruling is a PR blitz to protect themselves & shines light on NBA & basketball’s future

Basketball Society’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson talks NBA free agency on ESPN. Press Play Below To Listen!   Well…it’s about time! The NCAA got something right! Last week, the NCAA made drastic rule changes that now allow elite high school basketball players to be represented by agents that are NCAA certified. Additionally, top prospects who

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