NCAA’s new ruling is a PR blitz to protect themselves & shines light on NBA & basketball’s future

Basketball Society’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson talks NBA free agency on ESPN. Press Play Below To Listen!   Well…it’s about time! The NCAA got something right! Last week, the NCAA made drastic rule changes that now allow elite high school basketball players to be represented by agents that are NCAA certified. Additionally, top prospects who

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Lonzo Ball

Leave Lonzo Ball alone & “let him play” says one former Los Angeles Laker & NBA champion

Basketball Society’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson talks NBA free agency on CNN. Press Play Below To Listen! You know you’re the man when you’re the King of Akron and you have a mural of yourself painted on a wall in the city of Los Angeles months before playing a single minute as a Los Angeles

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LaMelo Ball

The Importance for LaMelo Ball going up against Zion Williamson

LaMelo Ball has been a household name in basketball for a while now. Other than being the brother of the extremely hyped, Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball has made a name for himself with many outstanding performances. Of course, no one can forget his 92 point game during the regular season, or his 38 points in a

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I Hope You Like LaVar Ball, He’s Not Going Anywhere

Lonzo Ball isn’t going anywhere and neither is LaVar. The helicopter sports parent is generally not a great look. We generally don’t like the little league mom that cusses out a coach, or the dads that fight at high school football games. I mean, when was the last time you saw someone go after a ref and

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