Cleveland Cavaliers

Pump Fake To The Altar, Episode 2: Are the Celtics the real deal?

The second installment of the “Pump Fake To The Altar” podcast is here and we’ve got another good one for you.

Our guys Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen discuss if the Boston Celtics are the real deal. They’re currently running roughshod over the NBA on their 16-game win streak. Although their ceiling for the season may remain the same without Gordon Hayward, they’ve been pretty impressive thus far.

They also touch on Kevin Durant saying that he’s not a leader in his new GQ magazine feature, and what the media normally expects from the best players on each team.

The regular segments “What Would Melo Do?” and the off the court topic of the week have some intriguing tidbits this time around. Knicks and Lakers fans can get their fix for the week in, as well as OKC and Clipper fans whom we both touch on this episode.

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