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Q & A with 2019 Jonesboro (GA) Combo Guard Brandon Walker

Brandon Walker, is a 6-foot-2 combo guard from Jonesboro (GA) High School. On September 23rd, we were able to see Walker at Big Shots Top 100 Southeast event in Rock Hill, SC. We liked how Walker utilized screens as the primary ball-handler making smart decisions. Walker is also a flat out shooter that you cannot leave open at any point. He came off to us as a high IQ type of player with solid size at 6-foot-2 180 lbs. He caught up with us at Basketball Society to talk recruiting and his junior season.

What schools are showing at least medium interest at the moment?

Walker: VMI, North Florida, Georgia State, Florida Gulf Coast, Central Florida, and Navy

What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses on the court?

Walker: My strengths are shooting the rock, using pick and rolls, using down screens and back screens to get open, offensive rebounding, and my IQ. My weaknesses are I need to hit the weight room. I also need to work on cutting/moving without the ball.

What do you do differently than anyone else on the court?

Walker: I shoot the ball at a high-level. I see the game and anticipate better than most. I know how to get my teammates open around me.

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

Walker: Kyle Lowry and Stephen Curry. Lowry for his vision and true point guard play. Curry for the shooting screen play and creative finishes around the rim.

How do you see your game translating to the next level?

Walker: I think my shooting and screen usage will very effective because at the next level it becomes a game of keeping the floor spaced. I have the ability to play both guard spots as the primary ball-handler or the off-guard. I can play both spots well.

Why the decision not to play AAU?

Walker: I think it was best I didn’t because over the course of my high school career we have played the most games allowed. In addition, I jump right into tennis after basketball. Also, I see the guys who play that much getting injured. So, I just use it as chance to rest up and get in the gym to work on my game.

Do you have a particular style of basketball you like to play?

Walker: I like the fast pace basketball with good spacing for shooters and high-flyers, but I have played in a little bit of everything.

Why do you think you’ve gone underrated in the recruiting process thus far, without any offers?

Walker: To be honest, I don’t know. That is something that I cannot control. I try to come in and improve every year. I think it’s all about the right timing.

What are your goals for your junior season?

Walker: To come in and help my team in any way I can. I just want to make the guys around me better and let them make me better. Ultimately, we want to win a state championship. For my own personal success, I plan on doing what I can playing hard and letting things fall into place.

Walker is coming off a 15 points and seven assists performance helping lead Jonesboro (GA) High over M.L. King (GA) 81-50 on Tuesday.


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