Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving, Patrick Beverly

The Passing Game Vol 26: Big East and Cleveland Cavaliers

The Passing Game is officially back at Basketball Society! If you haven’t heard of it, you can go back into the vault and check out our past volumes here. Otherwise, join us as we go through some of the best dimes and displays of ball movement from the previous week. This week features a mixture

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Point guard

Point Guard’s Game: Tips to Be an Effective PG

It is often said that a Point Guard is the coach’s extension on the court. That is difficult to argue against, as the Point Guard of a team is usually responsible for running the team on the floor. They are responsible for getting their teammates in position to score and often times, initiating plays and

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Derrick Rose floater

Every player should have a floater in their arsenal

The floater is one shot that every player should have in their arsenal, especially at the guard position. The main purpose of a floater is to be able to get a good shot off over a bigger defender or a good shot blocker. Most players use this shot when they get into the paint. Often

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Why studying game film is important

Watching game film is a part of the game that goes unappreciated, especially by young players. I know when I was young, I used to be guilty of just wanting to see how I played on video. However, looking back now, I see how important it is and it’s something I wish I took more

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How to properly run transition offense

Transition offense is often seen as just running down the court and getting a basket as fast as possible, but there is more to it than just a quick bucket. For one, you must have the proper personnel that possesses the quickness you’re striving for, and your team must understand the proper way to run

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How To Defend Russell Westbrook

You can’t fully shutdown Russell Westbrook. It’s impossible. The best you can hope for is to limit him. Sport Science calculated at the end of last year that it only takes Russell Westbrook 3.36 seconds to get from one end of the court to the other, which is more than a half a second faster

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How good ball movement can impact a team, part 2

This week my colleague DJ Allen shared some thoughts on and examples of the benefits of ball movement in basketball. He touched on the mentality of “me” versus “we” and sacrificing good shots for great shots — these principles encompass the essence of the commitment to move the ball. There’s a concept of morale that comes with ball

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How good ball movement can impact a team

Ball movement is a huge factor when it comes to great offense.  The ball moves faster than the players do and when you have defenders chasing after it, they’re already beat. You can look at any great offense and you’ll see that they have unselfish players and great ball movement. When the ball doesn’t stick

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Denying the Wing 101

Off the ball wing denial is an essential part of team defense. It’s an aspect of the game that often gets overlooked, but it can mean a lot to a defense. Wing denial is often taught heavily at the high school and collegiate levels but not really seen in the NBA as much. The purpose

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Breakdown: Washington Wizards “Down Roll”

The Wizards started playing with smaller lineups towards the end of last season, but they’ve been mostly showing two-big sets, and they like to play inside-out. Washington ranked top 10 in post-ups last season and scored nearly 42 percent of the time when playing out of the post (via I’m looking at their “Down Roll”

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