Is Kobe Bryant getting his rhythm back?

Kobe Bryant has been a sore sight for many eyes this season as he’s made his way back from being away from the game due to injuries in the past two seasons. He’s been the butt of jokes and heavy criticism early on due to his horrendous shooting. Bryant is averaging 16.7 points a game,

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Goran Dragic

Heat badly need the old Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic played 26 games after being traded to the Miami Heat last season. In those 26 games he averaged over 16 points and 5 assists, nearly identical to his average in the previous 56 games with the Phoenix Suns. Through the first 21 games of this season, the 2014 Most Improved Player is only

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DeMarcus Cousins should learn from Rasheed Wallace

DeMarcus Cousins has been playing at a very high level and has proven himself as a dominant player in the league. His play has improved ever since he entered the NBA, from getting better on defense to adding a consistent three-point shot to his game. How to stop him? FORGET ABOUT IT. DeMarcus Cousins’ play has

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Greg Monroe

What kind of impact is Greg Monroe having on the Bucks?

Disclaimer: I know that the season is still very young, but the NBA wouldn’t be as fun if we didn’t take small sample sizes and analyze them. Greg Monroe was one of the key free agents this past offseason, and there were plenty of teams that were in need of his services. He was rightfully

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The Fall of Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is- statistically speaking -putting together an absolutely magnificent start to his 2015-16 season. The 29-year-old Rondo has averaged 12.5 PPG, 7.1 RPG, and is second in the NBA with 9.5 APG, all of which are up from last year’s horrifying campaign that saw Rajon go from being considered amongst the league’s best pure

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Stephen Curry

Steph Curry’s Shot Chart Through Five Games Makes Me Uncomfortable

Look at this. Look at it. Stare at it. It gives me goosebumps. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It’s dispicable. It’s spectacular. I think I love Steph Curry. Through five games, Curry is off to an other worldly start. He’s hitting 57% of his FGA, which is impressive

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Kobe Bryant Is Not Changing And It Isn’t Working

Kobe Bryant is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest basketball players to walk planet earth. He’s a 17 time all-star, former MVP, and has won five NBA championships, all leading to Bryant earning a spot in the conversation of who the greatest of all time is. For God’s sake, this is a guy who dropped 81

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The Legend Of Kristaps Porzingis Grows, Used To Have Corn Rows

  At this point, the Knicks 7’1″Power Forward Kristaps Porzingis is entering myth status. Porzingis, who grew up in Latvia and has played pro ball since he was 16 years old in Euro Leagues, has steadily gained a following since being drafted 4th overall in the draft this past Summer. While his solid play this

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anthony davis

Shaq: Anthony Davis ‘Probably’ Best PF In The League

Anthony Davis was nothing short of extraordinary in just his third season in the NBA last year. He’s been improving upon each season, and his growth is astounding. Davis has vaulted himself into the conversation of the top players in the NBA, and now Shaquille O’Neal is saying that he’s the best power forward in

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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Off-Hand Compilation

Every basketball player ever had to develop their off-hand. Everyone from little kids to NBA players are working on it every day to give themselves an advantage on offense. Developing your off-hand was always awkward and it took a while for layups and moves to feel comfortable, but having a solid off-hand ability separated good

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