Tony Parker

5 NBA Guards That Bigs Should Never Switch Out On

5 NBA Guards That Bigs Should Never Switch Out On With all of the body movement and cross-matching that happens throughout the course of a basketball game, “switching” can become a common and sometimes necessary defensive practice. Usually the result of a switch is some kind of mismatch, leaving a player guarding a position they’re

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Working Class Wednesday: Tarik Black

On Working Class Wednesdays we take the time to salute the unsung workhorses of the NBA; the undersized, overlooked, middling grinders who scratch and scrape and sweat for any opportunity to help their respective teams. It’s hard to find a more fitting WW candidate than Tarik Black. The undrafted Kansas center is a real bruiser

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NBA Atlantic Division

The Atlantic Files Ep. 10: Trades, Tempers, and Dennis Green?

Host Alex Fischbein(@ThatKidFisch) gives a Raptors version of the State of the Union. Trades, job security and injuries are mounting for the Nets. In Boston, it’s Marcus Smart’s world, we’re just living in it. Tempers flared and some weight was gained in Philadelphia, and the Knicks are talking trades and free agents again.

Stephen Curry and James Harden

NBA Game Preview: Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors, 1/21/14

NBA Game Preview: Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors, 1/21/14 The Western Conference is loaded with talent and capability. Any match up can be randomized and picked from a hat out of the top eight (probably even ten) teams and you’re going to see a gun fight. Despite the fact that the Warriors have won

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DJ’s Three-Point Take: Who’s Your Pick?

The question of, “If you were a GM today and you had to pick one player to start your team, who would it be?” usually has the typical answers of: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant. However, with this new emergence of superstars, I believe a few guys have forced their way to be

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Game of the Night Preview: Bulls vs. Cavs

There were many good games on this afternoon, but this column isn’t GOTA(fternoon) so tonight’s games will have to do.

drumroll please…..

NBA Generations Top-Five Roundtable (2)

For Part 1 of the Panel’s top five choices, click here.   Participants:   Cyril Mpacko – @Cee_Armel DJ Allen – @DJAllen23 Martin Soares – @marley_mcfly Ryan Kirk – @rlk716   1980s Mpacko: Michael Jordan – ’84 Hakeem Olajuwon – ’84 Isiah Thomas – ’81 Charles Barkley – ’84 David Robinson -’87 The 1980’s saw

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DJ & Cyril’s Three-Point Take: Intangibles of a Championship Team

When talking about what it takes to be a championship team, a lot of people usually only cover the basics. Talent, defense, superstars and things of that nature are all obvious pieces of a championship team but what fans forget about are the intangibles. Things such as leadership, roles, and experience are all just as

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Sixth Man Of The Year Rankings (1/18)

2014-15 Sixth Man of the Year Rankings (Jan. 18) Find the Preseason rankings here and the November update here. It seems like the season is flying by as we are halfway through the season in terms of number of games. Since we’re halfway through this crazy season, it’s time to see where the Sixth Man

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Flashback Friday: The Passing of the Torch

Kobe vs. LeBron… This match-up has dominated NBA conversations for the better part of a decade now. Last night’s thrilling Cleveland Cavalier victory over the Los Angeles Lakers gave us a chance to reflect on some of the best games played between these sure first-ballot future Hall of Famers. The debates over who’s greater have

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