Five Teenage International Basketball Prospects That Could Take the States By Storm

With Luka Doncic showing his potential to burst through the Association in preseason, here at Basketball Society we wold like to touch on five international players that you probably have never heard of. But, trust this, you will know their names soon enough.   Yago Dos Santos (Brazil) NBA Draft Eligibility: 2021   The Brazilian

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Best NBA players from 2018 World Cup countries

The World Cup. The prestigious month-long festivity of soccer that highlights 32 of the world’s best soccer countries is now underway. These 32 countries will meet in Russia to fight for a chance to be crowned the champions of the world. Each country participating at the World Cup clearly boasts tremendous soccer talent, however, many of

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Top 10 Best International Players of All-time

The NBA is where the best players in the world congregate and compete against one another to achieve personal and career success. Players can break onto the NBA scene from their performance in college or while playing at the professional level internationally. The NBA is the perfect blend of mixing the play styles of both

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Fisch's Friday Rant

Fisch’s Friday Rant: Team USA and Super Teams

The 2016 Rio Olympics are in full swing, offseason NBA news is slowly coming in, and the talk of super teams is alive and well. For the return of Fisch’s Friday Rant, I just had to put on my ranting face and get some things off of my chest about all of these current topics.

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2016 Team USA Women's Basketbal

WNBA Wednesday: Rio Olympics Domination

Although there’s a break in the action, today is Wednesday, so that means we need to talk some WNBA basketball. Instead of talking about league play, we get to talk about the Olympics and how Team USA is on their way to roll through and dominate the competition. Preliminary Group Play Two games into group

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DeMarcus Cousins should demand a trade for the fans’ sake

The butt of many jokes, a train wreck of a front office, and a revolving door of coaches are all ways to describe what has been happening with the Sacramento Kings. The only consistent piece for the last few years has been the dominant force that is DeMarcus Cousins. We’ve seen many technical fouls, a

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Amare Stoudemire

Players going overseas only helps the game and Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics are almost here and Team USA looks primed to dominate the competition yet again. In the midst of the Olympic hype, however, some news is popping up about more ex-NBA players making the switch to play overseas instead of either in the NBA or the D-League. Players such as Amar’E Stoudamire,

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Kobe Bryant

Report says Barcelona offered Kobe Bryant a chance to play in Euroleague

According to reports from both a spanish site called and HoopsHype, Barcelona offered Kobe Bryant a chance to play in only Euroleague games with them. That’s right, only the Euroleague games, not even their entire season. For an older player like Kobe, who will be retiring at the end of this season, and a

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Early Predictions for the 2016 Team USA Roster

Check out the updated list of predictions HERE. This summer, team USA will look to take home another gold medal in the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. The summer olympics will take place in Rio de Janerio beginning August 5th. Before all that, USA basketball manager Jerry Colangelo and head coach Mike Krzyzewski will have to

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Chris Paul

Chris Paul withdraws from Team USA

The player pool for Team USA is getting thinner on its own. Anthony Davis dropped out due to injury, and now Chris Paul is withdrawing his name from consideration for the 2016 Rio Games. Chris Paul is a two-time gold medal winner, but this summer and beyond, instead of chasing a third gold medal, he

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