Carmelo Anthony

Hoodie Melo: The Legend of Carmelo Anthony

And the newest candidate for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame is…Hoodie Melo! The summer of 2017 could very well be the highest and lowest points of Carmelo Anthony’s career. On one hand, he refuses to waive his no-trade clause except for one team with no assets. On the other hand, the legend of Hoodie

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2017 NBA Playoffs: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors Preview

When expectations are high, the margin for error is ridiculously slim. All of the Cavaliers accomplishments are inevitably compared to that of their toughest foes, the Warriors. We’ve done nothing since the commencement of the 2017 NBA playoffs but bash the Cavs. “They don’t play enough defense. They gave up more than 100 points to

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2017 NBA Playoffs: Bracket Style

We’ve all heard it before somewhere or another. The NBA playoff format is in need of some adjustment. Whether you agree or disagree, there’s popular media belief that the 8th seeds in each conference should disappear. Some people would rather see a complete 1 through 16 seeding to include those “best of the West” teams

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What is March Madness? A Beginner’s Guide

“Ugh, my bracket is busted.” This is the common phrase usually heard by the majority of participants on the first day of the tournament. But what does it actually mean? It means that March Madness has begun, and we all have a vested interest. The Players According to, only 1.1% of men’s college basketball

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CJ McCollum basketball

Basketball Tip: Keep a hesitation in your back pocket

The hesitation is one of those moves that I believe doesn’t get enough credit in the game of basketball. We yell and holler when we see an ankle breaking crossover but a hesitation is just as embarrassing. There are multiple ways to perform a hesitation but they all share the same purpose, and that purpose

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10 NBA Things to Follow in 2017

While we all have a keen eye for the obvious, let’s take a look at 10 things to watch for in 2017 (2nd half of the NBA season): 1: The Warriors Quest for 70 Almost every “expert” out there was quick to question chemistry and cohesiveness. The first thing that spewed from their mouths was

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NBA Week 6 in Review

So much for a throw away season, right? We anticipated the Warriors, Cavs, Clippers and Spurs to be the cream of the crop (which they are), while the rest of the league beat each other up in the meantime. Well, the latter is true, but we have some middle tier teams and even lower echelon

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Jamal Crawford

Inside the Move: Jamal Crawford Special

An in-depth look at the Society’s Move of the Week After a short hiatus, Inside the Move is back with a move that can add a bit of flash to your game. This week we look at what we’re calling the Jamal Crawford special which is a move that he has made a lot of defenders

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Inside the Move: No-dribble between the legs

An in-depth look at the Society’s Move of the Week This weeks move is a saucy variation of a jab-step that includes a no-dribble between the legs. Why set-up your defender with a basic jab when you could do it with style. The move can be used as a jab or simply as a first

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Kyrie Irving

Inside the Move: Freestyle Attacking Cones

An in-depth look at the Society’s Move of the Week This week is all about freestyling, attacking cones, and staying ‘jiggy’.  Cone work is a fun but impactful workout. It gives ball-handlers opportunities to practice various moves and combinations into various shots and finishes at the basket. Its an opportunity to perfect moves that you’re

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