Atlanta Hawks

DJ’s Three Point Take: Flying Beneath the Radar

The Atlanta Hawks have been flying under the radar this year as one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. They have been called by some, the most underrated team in the league and with a record of 22-8, they currently hold the second seed in the East. Atlanta warned everyone about their talent

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DJ & BJ’s Three Point Take: Everything Lakers

DJ & BJ’s Three-Point Take: Los Angeles Lakers DJ Allen: @DJAllen23  BJ Boyer: @wcboyer24  “The Lake Show” hasn’t been the show that the world is accustomed to seeing. This organization has been top of the notch and always contended in the West but this year they are far from that. With an 8-19 record, Los

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Carmelo Anthony is Considering Waiving No-Trade Clause

  Carmelo Anthony may already be fed up with this disaster that is the New York Knicks. A report came out this morning in the New York Post that Anthony will consider waiving his no-trade clause that currently stands in his contract. A source told the post that he would be willing to give up

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Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson Believes the Lakers Should Focus on Losing, Kobe Responds

Unexpected comments came out today from Laker legend, Magic Johnson, stating that he wants his former team to lose. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 6-16, which is 25th in the league and Magic believes it’s in their best interest that they continue to lose. At Steiner Sports, Johnson was quoted in saying: I hope

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Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak believes Kobe Bryant will retire at the end of next season

Mitch Kupchak sees Los Angeles Lakers all-star Kobe Bryant’s career coming to an end after the 2015-2016 season. Bryant, who’s about two months into this season after returning from two major injuries to his lower extremities, signed a two-year deal in 2013 for $48.5 million that he was heavily scrutinized for. Kupchak, in a recent

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DJ’s Three-Point Takes: Warriors On A Mission

The Golden State Warriors have shown thus far that they are a force to be reckoned with. Currently standing at #1 in the Pacific Division as well as #1 in the Western Conference, the Warriors are on a 12-game winning streak and proving to the world that they should not be taken lightly. What sticks

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J.R. Smith

DJ’s Three-Point Take: The Debacle of the New York Knicks

DJ’s Three-Point Take: The Debacle of the New York Knicks What’s wrong with the New York Knicks?! Is it the coach? Is it the new implemented triangle? Or maybe this team just isn’t that good. The Knicks are currently looking at a 4-15 record after a loss last night to the Brooklyn Nets and a

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Michael Carter-Williams

DJ’s Three-Point Take: The Tanking Speculation

There’s been a lot of speculation about teams apparently “tanking” for the past few years. “Tanking” is the term used for teams that are said to be losing on purpose to get the top pick in the draft. It has been said that this strategy by teams has been around for a while but it has made

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Jimmy Butler

A Young Star is Rising Before Us

  Jimmy Butler has been the heart of the Chicago Bulls this year with nagging injuries to the Bulls star Derrick Rose. Butler, who was drafted 30th in the 2011 NBA Draft, was known as a defensive guard on the rise. He was named to the 2014 All-NBA Defensive Team last season. Jimmy’s career numbers

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